A World of Music!



       Everybody has heard of fast food.  Some of you might have heard of slow food?  Well now it's time for you to meet the man who specializes in Slow Guitar!

       Barry Hyman, who has been playing guitar and pedal steel since way back in the previous century, tries to make every note sing.  Would anyone ever want to hear a singer "shred" a song?  Barry doesn't shred.  He doesn't care how many notes you can play per minute.  Can you play the right note at the right time, with a sweet tone?  Can you shape it and massage it and make it special?  Everything nowadays moves too fast.  When you are making love, are you in a hurry?  We hope not!  Sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy some Slow Guitar...

       Barry Hyman (AKA King Happy) is a performer, composer, bandleader, recording artist, music teacher, and music therapist. A longtime student of Milford Graves, he considers music to be part of healthcare.  He specializes in guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel, but also sings and plays bass, harmonica, banjo, sitar, keyboard, and percussion. He began playing guitar in 1964 and has been performing regularly ever since. He started his own independent record label, Sweet and Happy, in 1983, and has released many albums and music videos over the years. Barry has played from coast to coast in dozens of duos, trios, and bands, playing all different styles of music, and has performed on tv and radio many times. His award-winning compositions have been used to accompany films, dance performances, and plays.