1. We Need Freaks

From the recording We Need Freaks

I originally wrote this as a poem and sent it in an email to about 200 friends encouraging them to come to this coffeehouse I used to play at.  But when the coffeehouse owners saw it they banned me from the place.  The next week my band played there without me so I fired them all, broke up the band, took our only cd offline, and started a new band.  A few years later Natural History set the poem to (totally improvised and absolutely unrehearsed) music.  This is live -- I was rapping and playing the guitar at the same time, something I have never tried to do before or since.  Derrik Jordan recorded it and is playing keyboards; Jared Shapiro is playing percussion.  The three of us have been playing together since 1973; we recorded this in 2002 or 2003...  It is on the cd The Great Apes of Vermont; click on "links" to listen to more or to buy it.