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Imagine if I told you I could increase your lifespan, improve your physical and mental health, make you more popular with everybody (including members of your preferred persuasion), get you more affection and respect, give you a powerful consolation during difficult times, and provide you with a delightful part-time job you could enjoy until you're 80!  That's what I mean by "Holistic Music Instruction."  You give me $40 an hour; I give you magical powers.  Not a bad deal, right?

I teach private music lessons on several different instruments. For guitar, pedal steel guitar, and lap steel, I offer beginning to advanced instruction. With bass, keyboard, banjo, slide guitar, percussion, harmonica, and mandolin, I provide lessons for beginning and intermediate students only. I also teach recording, songwriting, arranging, performance skills, and music therapy techniques.

The emphasis is on creative and improvisational music. I teach music theory, so that the student really understands how music works, and I teach proper technique so that the student can execute his or her musical ideas comfortably, yet with professional ability. Students do not have to be good at memorization, notation, or tablature -- a mastery of theory and technique allows one to construct something new that is appropriate for every musical situation.

But more than anything else, I emphasize the joy of making music, and the therapeutic value of having a creative outlet. Music is supposed to be a pleasure! So there is only one rule: You must be comfortable and having fun.

I am currently teaching online video lessons as well as seeing students in my studio.  In the past, I taught guitar at three Vermont schools:  the Community College of Vermont in Bennington, Green Mountain College in Poultney, and the Community College of Vermont in Rutland.  But currently I am offering private lessons only.

I also offer recording services.  I will play on your recording, or I can help you make your own recording.  I do studio work on guitar (electric, acoustic, nylon string, 12-string), pedal steel guitar, bass, and other instruments.  Sweet and Happy Studio is equipped to make professional recordings of soloists, duos, and small ensembles -- I can arrange, produce, engineer, and mix your demo or cd.

Contact me at or at 518-677-5641.  I charge $40 an hour for lessons or recordings at my studio, plus $12 an hour for travel time if I come to your location.