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    JESTER FRETLESS, my duo with bass player Jared Carrozza, started in 2019.  Jared was the bass player in my band the Dread Resistors, and before that in Zuela.  We play art music, improvisational instrumentals, an endlessly varied mix influenced by reggae, blues, folk, Celtic, jazz, ragas, Latin bluegrass, rock, funk, country, Afropop, and more. We mix in modal improvs that sound like the Gypsy Kings one minute and the Muslim call to prayer the next, or that start out reminding you of classical music and end up sounding like the Grateful Dead! I usually play guitar, pedal steel, or lap steel, and sometimes I sing or add banjo or harmonica. Jared plays electric, acoustic, fretless, or 5-string bass, and also melodica.  We can stir up a rowdy bar, but also make nice unobtrusive background music for weddings, art openings, dinner parties, etc.


     The HILL HOLLOW QUINTET plays bluegrass and acoustic rock covers. The band consists of Marty Satalino on fiddle, mandolin, and guitar, Chris Lane on bass, Jeff Dooley on banjo, dobro, and accordion, Wayne Lane on rhythm guitar, and me on pedal steel, lap steel, and electric guitar. All great pickers, and all five of us sing. I've been a bandmember since 2007, but most of these guys have been playing together for decades, and we achieve that ideal combination of really tight and delightfully loose at the same time, with enough energy to melt down your containment vessel! HILL HOLLOW is the perfect group to hire if you want the barn rafters to lift right up and float away!